Frequently asked questions

I have only received part of the items that I have ordered.
Your order might be dispatched in several smaller shipments;
Titles in stock at our warehouse will be dispatched as soon as possible.     
Titles ordered from publishers or from overseas will be dispatched separately at a later date.
If the goods will take 1 month to 1.5 months, there will be a special note added to the record of the order in your purchase history.     
Can I have my items sent to outside Japan?
No. We ship only inside Japan.
Who conducts delivery?
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. will deliver your products to the registered address.
What payment methods are accepted?
Payments are accepted by either credit card or COD (cash on delivery).
【Credit card】
We accept VISA,Master Card, JCB, American Express, and Diners.
Customers may choose to pay in full or by revolving payment. Please note that revolving payment is not available for American Express.
      Non-registered members can make payment only by credit card.
  【COD (cash on delivery)】※Please pay the delivery person in cash upon receiving your products.
¥324 yen (including Tax) handling charge will apply.
Does Nellie's accept exchanges and returns of products?
【Requested Returns】 Exchanges and returns of orders processed correctly by Nellie's cannot be accepted.
【Exchanging defective items (damaged or faulty, etc.) or incorrect items (different to those ordered)】
Please contact us within 14 days of receiving these items.
※ Nellie's will bear all shipping charges for these items to be exchanged accepted or processed.
Is it possible to purchase items which do not appear on Nellie's online store?
Yes. Please make an order request by clicking "Back-order Requst" button located on the top page.
For items ordered by "Back Order Request", we accept payment only by COD (cash on delivery).
Can Nellie's issue a "Ryoshusho" receipt for items ordered online?
You can print out a reciept from the "Order History" section of "My Page." Please click on the order number to find the receipt button. If you would like to change the name on the receipt, fill out the space next to the "Receipt" button (you can change this only once). In case you choose cash on delivery as a payment method, an official receipt is issued by Yamato Transport Co. Ltd, and is attached to the parcel with the delivery slip.
I have not been receiving emails from the Nellie's Online Store.
:① Incorrect email address.
Please log in to the Nellie's Online Store and check if the registered email address is correct from the "Accounts" page.
Please make corrections to your email address if there is any error.

:② Unreceivable due to settings.
● For customers using their cell phone's/smartphone's email address.
Emails may not reach customers if settings for carriers such as docomo, au, softbank block certain email addresses for security, or customers select certain domains in which they can receive emails from, as a measure to avoid spam emails.
● For customers using an email address from their computer.
The mail service/mail software/anti-virus software may recognize our emails as a spam email, therefore our emails will not reach customers. (Especially common for users of free mail such as Yahoo! or Hotmail) In this case, please have a look at your spam folder or settings for your mail service or software.
Please change settings so that emails from the following domain can be received.

:③ Mailbox storage has reached its limit.
Depending on the mail software or provider, customers may not be able to receive emails if they exceed their mailbox limit. Please have a look at the settings to check whether emails could be received even if the storage limit has been reached.
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